FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) | Foot and Ankle Wellness Centre
  • Do you need a referral from your family physician to see a podiatrist?

    No. you are not required to have a referral to see a podiatrist nor do you need one to claim podiatry services on your insurance. Just call our office and book in an appointment.

  • How long does it take to get an appointment?

    Depending on your flexibility we are able to get you in within 48 hours. We do offer immediate care for emergencies.

  • Does the Foot and Ankle Wellness Centre accept insurance cards?

    We do not do any direct billing to any insurance companies. However we will ensure you have everything you are required to submit into your benefits for reimbursement. We do direct bill to Indian Affairs and Public Trustee. We accept cash, debit, visa, and MasterCard.

  • What do my benefits cover for podiatry?

    Depends on the insurance company and the type of plan you have. Insurance companies do recognise podiatry treatments and Custom Orthotics. Additionally, some insurance companies cover for orthopedic shoes, custom ankle braces, x-rays, fungal laser therapy, and minor and major surgeries. Call your insurance company to find out what they all cover. We cannot find out for you as we do not have access to your insurance.

  • Does the Foot and Ankle Wellness Centre take walk-ins?

    Depends. We do accept walk-ins depending on our daily schedule. If we can accommodate, we will get you in.

  • Is there parking?

    We are located in the United Health Centre. There is underground parking for patients available. Entrance is located in the alley behind the building. Additionally you are welcome to park at the Calvary Lutheran Church located kiddy corner at 10815 76 Avenue.

  • Does Alberta Health Care Cover podiatry services?

    Podiatric care is partially subsidized by Alberta Health Care. There is a $250.00 limit per person per year, as well as a limit on each service provided (i.e. initial visit paid by Alberta Health Care is $37.67 and Follow-up visits are $19.93). Alberta Podiatrists balance bill patients directly for services restricted by Alberta Health Care. Each Insurance company is different, i.e. coverage can vary from 0-100%. It is therefore the responsibility of the patient to inquire about his/her type of plan. Podiatric Treatment is recognized by insurances companies, and we offer all paper work to submit to your insurance company to make your claim.

  • What services do you provide?

    The clinic provides a variety of services used to treat many foot and ankle conditions. Custom molded orthotics, onsite x-rays, fungal laser therapy with a clearanail treatment, Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT), Pain laser therapy, minor and major surgeries, cortisone injection, and many more. Please call the office for any inquiries about our services.

  • Can you take x-rays in your office?

    Yes, we have a digital x-ray system in our office.

  • Do you have access to netcare?

    No, we do not have access to netcare. Podiatrists cannot access netcare. For this reason, we have a digital x-ray on site.

  • Do you take Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB)?

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not deal with WCB cases.

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