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Arthritic Joint Reconstruction Surgery

Many people suffer from chronic post-traumatic osteoarthritic condition of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint (MPJ). This is known as the great toe joint. The joint itself is rigid and limited in motion and this causes pain with weight bearing. Surgical treatment involves removing the base of the big toe (arthritic joint) and replacing it with a titanium implant. The implant would be inserted into the base of the big toe and then allow the joint to function more normally.

Cortisone Injection

Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance. Used to offer fast-acting relief of inflamed muscles, joints, tendons, bursa, etc.

Custom Ankle Braces

Custom ankle braces are made by using a special plaster cast sock; taking a 3D impression of your foot and ankle. The shell is made out of polypropylene.  Thickness and degrees of rigidity is dependent on prescription application and patient body weight.

Custom Molded Orthotics

Custom molded orthotics are created by taking a 3D impression of your foot by using a podiatric veriscan scanner, foam box, or a plaster cast. We use the technique that is best for your foot condition.  The orthotic shell materials include: polypropylene, copolymer or carbon graphite and tri-laminate thermoplastics. Thickness and degrees of rigidity is dependent on prescription application and patient body weight.

Flat Foot Reconstruction Surgery

Flat Feet is a common deformity is all ages. Flat Foot reconstruction is surgery has been shown to be extremely effective on children and adults.  This deformity is caused by the abnormal obliteration of the sinus tarsi. This is the joint space below the ankle joint. The condition is such that the talus bone collapses onto the calcaneous (heel) bone. This then causes a cascade reaction of bone misalignment and what we know as flexible flat foot deformity. This condition has been proven to lead to multiple deformities to the foot, leg, knees, hips and back. . If left untreated, this medical condition will lead to potentially long term high medical expenses including multiple surgeries to the feet, knees, hips and back. This is also the reason why many patients have to have knee implants and hip replacements. After the procedure, you are generally immediate weight-bearing and fully healed is 8 weeks.

Fungal Laser Therapy with Clearanail Treatment

Clearanail is a treatment used to make micro pathways through the fungal infection on the nail in order to provide access to the nail bed for medication and laser therapy. There is no pain or risk to the patient. Immediately afterward the clearanail treatment, we perform laser therapy using a Nexus 30 watt laser. Laser therapy is done once a week for six weeks.

Laser treatment for injuries and chronic pain

We use a Nexus 30 Watt laser, which pulses photons of light into tissue. The mitochondria absorb light to produce energy, creating the cells to regenerate and tissue repair. The inflammation is reduced to naturally accelerate healing and reduce pain.

Minimal Invasive Surgeries

We use minimal invasive surgeries to treat a number of foot problems. By working through small openings in the skin (using specially-designed instruments), we are able to perform surgeries under local anaesthetic and reduce the amount of soft tissue trauma incurred by the patient. Less soft tissue trauma means less pain, less swelling, and less disability after surgery.

Onsite Digital X-Ray

Onsite digital x-ray used to capture Foot and Ankle views. Able to perform x-rays and go over results all in one appointment!

Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT)

Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT) is a revolutionary new method of relieving chronic pain via the use of Dextrose injections. The dextrose is a specially buffered mixture that is introduced to the area and helps to re-establish the normal cell environment of the painful nerve endings. PIT is a safe and effective treatment for painful conditions due to sport and occupation or other chronic non-malignant pain related issues. PIT is used to treat many conditions such as: Chronic Pain, Morton’s Neuromas, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Tarsal Tunnel, Soft Tissue Injuries, Ankle Sprains, Tendon Tears, and many more!


Permanent Ingrown Toenail Removal

Minor procedure is performed under local anesthesia by removing the ingrown side of the toenail. Phenol is administered to ensure there is no reoccurrence. Usually takes up to 2 months to be completely healed.

Plantar Wart Removal

Minor procedure is performed under local anesthesia by removing plantar wart(s). Than cauterizing the area to avoid reoccurrence of verrucae virus. Plantar warts are benign growths caused by verruca virus, which is thought to be contagious. Usually the longer you have had these growths, the more difficult it is to get rid of.

Total Nail Removal

Minor procedure is performed under local anesthesia by removing entire nail. Phenol is administered to ensure there is no regrowth of the nail. Usually takes up to 2 months to be completely healed.

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