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Custom Molded Orthotics

People who experience some form of pain in their foot or who suffer from lower-extremity injuries may find that custom molded orthotics are a great option to treat the pain caused. Custom molded orthotics are insoles that have been prescribed by a doctor, often a podiatrist, sports medicine physician, or orthopedic surgeon after conducting a thorough evaluation of your feet, ankles, and legs. Scientific research has shown that custom orthotics are a good option for diabetic patients, high performance athletes, anyone experiencing a bio-mechanical issue or recurring injury that cannot be treated with over-the-counter insoles.

The insoles help in correcting the biomechanical irregularities in the feet, as well as solve foot issues such as fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. For many podiatrists, orthotics is considered as the best possible solution for a majority of the lower-body injuries and pain. By adding the custom-made orthotics to the shoes, one is able to reduce or eliminate the problem by doing away with the stress that led to the pain in the first place. When looking for podiatrists who can help you with orthotics, it is necessary to choose a provider that has years of experience in fabricating the custom-molded orthotics.

Custom-made orthotics vs. Over-the-counter insoles Custom-made orthotics are the insoles that have been prescribed by a doctor after conducting a thorough evaluation of one’s feet, ankles and legs. They are built specifically for the patient, according to their foot size and gait pattern. On the other hand, over-the-counter insoles include avariety of different foot products, such as arch supports, insoles, heel-liners and foot cushions. The prefabricated insoles differ in size and shape, when it comes to the level of support they offer.

Both custom orthotics and over-the-counter insoles are helpful in treating and preventing leg, foot and lower-extremity injuries, and there are significant results that showcase the improvement made by patients using the insoles or custom orthotics.

Who might need custom molded orthotics?

  • Diabetic patients: Diabetes and poor circulation give rise to a risk of foot ulcers and infections. Therefore, patients who have diabetes would find that custom molded orthotics are a great choice for supporting their feet.
  • High-performance athletes: For people who undertake high performance activities, especially weight-bearing ones, it might be advantageous to use orthopaedic insoles.
  • People suffering from biomechanical issues and recurring injuries: Many times, over-the-counter insoles are not able to address the needs of patients who suffer from serious biomechanical issues. Patients who have already tried the prefabricated insoles available and yet suffer from pain or injury, prescription orthotics could be a great option.

Varieties of custom orthotics

There are two categories of custom molded orthotics and these include:

  • Functional orthotics: The purpose of these orthotics is to position the foot through the gait cycle in a manner that promotes proper functioning of the foot. The functional orthotics are known to control abnormal motion. They are also useful in treating foot pain and injuries such as tendonitis and shin splints. Semi-rigid materials such as plastic and graphite are used for crafting the functional orthotics.
  • Accommodative orthotics: These orthotics are designed in a manner which provides cushion and support to the feet. Often, the accommodative orthotics are custom fitted for people who suffer from diabetic foot ulcers or painful calluses on the bottom of the feet.

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About Dr. Chaudhry

Dr. Chaudhry is a renowned podiatrist in Edmonton, Alberta. Over the years, he has helped numerous patients with custom made orthopaedic insoles. At The Foot and Wellness Centre, Dr.Chaudhry has brought in cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive procedures for treating various deformities of the feet. We use the technique that is best for your foot condition. The orthotic shell materials include: polypropylene, copolymer or carbon graphite and tri-laminate thermoplastics. Thickness and degrees of rigidity is dependent on prescription application and patient body weight.

The choice of treatment might vary from patient to patient, based on their needs as well as their suitability to a particular procedure. We, at The Foot and Wellness Centre, will evaluate your condition and appropriately guide you through the treatment options available.

Dr. Chaudhry is known for his dedication to each patient and as such provides a thorough physical examination of your feet, takes time to understand your medical history as well as suggests diagnostic tests to better understand your condition. Only after proper evaluation do we move towards the treatment for your condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our orthotics are made of polypropylene, copolymer or carbon graphite and tri-laminate thermoplastics.
The short answer is no. Our orthotics can fit mainly runners and flat shoes, including dress shoes. The best way to ensure a good fit in all of the shoes that you would like to wear your orthotics in is to bring them to your initial fitting appointment. We will adjust your orthotics to fit into each of the shoes interchangeably, provided that they are shoes that are compatible with the device.
Your custom orthotics should fit comfortably into the front of your shoes without any bunching or wrinkling. You should remove the sock liner or footbed from any shoe you want to use your orthotics in before inserting your orthotics. The entire orthotic should feel securely fit within the shoe.
The easiest way to know if your orthotics are working is to get an evaluation of your symptoms from an experienced podiatrist.
If made and prescribed correctly, custom molded orthotics will benefit you, not harm you. When worn for the first time, you may feel uncomfortable, like you are walking on a hard ball with most of the pressure felt at the arches, but this is normal.
In most cases the orthotics will last for years. In children they usually need to be changed about every two years depending upon growth.
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