Blog for Edmonton Foot Doctor | Foot and Ankle Wellness Centre - Part 3
  • The bottom of a foot with a plantar wart on it,.

    Plantar Warts: Myths, Truths & Removal Options

    It is well known lore in America that touching frogs causes warts. Now since most of us have handled a frog or two in our childhood, we can be pretty certain that isn’t the case. Frogs are one common myth, but there are countless others that surround the wart. For instance, in the Philippines handling … Continued

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  • Laser Therapy For Foot Pain

    Laser technology is a mainstay of treatment at the Foot and Ankle Wellness Centre for many foot problems. Heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, are just some of the uses of this effective equipment. Unlike many other lasers, most treatments require only four treatments to show improvement of foot pain.

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  • How Your Foot Health Affects Your Overall Health

    While it may seem a bit far-fetched, given the distance from your feet to other areas of your body, your foot health can without a doubt be an indication of your overall health. For example, signs of stiffness may indicate arthritis, if you are experiencing tingling and/or numbness it could be a sign of diabetes … Continued

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  • All About Heel Pain

    Heel pain is a common problem brought on in a variety of ways: plantar fasciitis – which is the most common condition for causing heel pain, heel spurs – a common condition among people who have long-suffered from plantar fasciitis or tarsal tunnel syndrome – a condition in which the long nerve in the back … Continued

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  • Be Ready For Your Pedi

    As the seasons change and more people begin to show off their feet in sandals, the nail salons get busier and busier. The majority of people going in for pedicures this season know that it is important to go to a spa/salon where instruments are properly sanitized, but they may be unaware of the other … Continued

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