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Portrait photograph of Dr. ChaudhrySheharyar Chaudhry, DPM

Edmonton Podiatrist

Dr. Chaudhry has been practicing podiatry for over 25 years! He is an extremely conscientious Doctor and is dedicated to assisting his patients with their foot and/or ankle pain. He is a firm believer that longevity alone is not enough to be a master at relieving foot pain. This is why Dr. Chaudhry continually pursues medical education courses to better his Edmonton podiatric clinic. Additionally, Dr. Chaudhry utilizes surgical, conservative, and non-traditional methods of podiatric care  to rid patients of their foot and/or ankle pain. There are no words to explain the pride and satisfaction that Dr. Chaudhry feels for his team when patients say to him, “You’ve changed my life for the better.”

Picture of LindsayLindsay

Office Manager and Medical Assistant

Lindsay works closely with Dr. Chaudhry to ensure that the Clinic runs efficiently. She oversees all clinic operations. She has been working with the doctor since 2009 and is very knowledgeable in all phases of podiatric care.

Portrait photograph of Amanda


Podiatric Medical Office Assistant

You might see Amanda at the front desk or you might see her in the back assisting Dr. Chaudhry. She has been trained in all areas of the clinic.  She worked with us back in 2012 til 2014 and came back to us in 2017. We are grateful to have her back with us.

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