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Be Ready For Your Pedi

As the seasons change and more people begin to show off their feet in sandals, the nail salons get busier and busier. The majority of people going in for pedicures this season know that it is important to go to a spa/salon where instruments are properly sanitized, but they may be unaware of the other health risks that exist.

A quick tip that we can offer to women, who will be getting a pedicure, is don’t shave your legs beforehand. This may be hard for those who do not want to be seen by the spa employee with hairy legs, but the fact is when you shave your legs, you can create tiny tears in the skin (too small to see) that are excellent entry spot for bacteria and infection. Another way to avoid cuts on your legs, is not allowing your spa or salon to use a razor to remove dead skin, calluses, or bunions from your feet. The use of a razor could lead to infection or if the cut is deep enough, it could result in long-term tissue or nerve damage. Spas and salons will most likely remove dead skin with either a pumice stone, foot file, or exfoliating scrub (all of these methods are safe and acceptable).

Another tip when can offer to both men and women, is bring your own equipment, if you are unable to determine whether spa/salon’s equipment is sanitary. By bringing your equipment you are ensuring that fungus or any other contagious foot problem won’t be spread from a previous patient to feet.

If you suffer from diabetes, it is critical that you find a spa/salon that knows and understands the correct methods of giving pedicures for diabetics.

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