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What’s Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT)?

Perineural Injection Therapy is a safe form of treatment for acute and chronic pain. It involves the use of buffered Dextrose (neutral pH) that is injected intra-dermally (just under the skin) to help relieve pain. Dextrose is a molecule of glucose that feeds the nerve endings with ATP (cellular energy molecule).

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This molecule, ATP, is then delivered to the nerve tract and utilized to provide nearly instant anesthesia. More amazingly, the energy molecule initiates a repair process for the damaged area.

I have been successfully utilizing this unique treatment for the past year and it has helped resolve numerous issues of chronic foot, ankle and leg pain. Conditions such as neuromas, heel pain, neuropathy, postop pain, ankle sprains can all be treated with this therapy.


Dr. Chaudhry is always striving to learn more and implement that knowledge in his practice.


Leaning from the best! Dr. Chaudhry With Dr. Lyftogt, who developed the Lyftogt P.I.T® treatment.

When nerves are entrapped, they start firing abnormally. This causes a further breakdown of soft tissue damage. For example, your pain may be from a torn muscle or tendon, but it is the nerves that are causing this pain. So, in PIT, we treat the nerves. Once the nerve pain is addressed, the soft tissue damage is repaired (over time).

PIT is a safe and effective manner for addressing acute and chronic pain and I offer it as an alternative to drugs and even surgery!

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