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Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT) is a revolutionary new method of relieving chronic pain via the use of Dextose injections. The dextose is specially buffered mixture that is introduced to the area and helps re-establish the normal cell enviroment of the painful nerve endings.

PIT is a safe and effective treatment for painful conditions due to sport and occupation or other chronic non-malignant pain related issues.

Before the treatments are done, an evaluation is done, making an accurate diagnosis of the cause of pain, which is usually due to an injured or non-healing sensory nerve causing pain and inflammation.

Every treatment aims to extinguish the pain, which at the first treatment may initially last for a period of four hours to four days. Repeated treatments (usually 6-8 sessions) usually done weekly, result in gradual reduction of the overall pain, with the aim of COMPLETE resolution – a zero pain score- and allow return of full function. Success rate vary between 80-100% depending on your condition. For most conditions recurrence is unlikely unless re-injury occurs.

The treatment is extremely safe; D5W is used as an IV solution in hospitals worldwide. Being mostly a subcutaneous treatment, and using only a half-inch needle, harm is minimized. There may be some bruising. No allergic reactions have yet been observed. Infection is extremely rare, calculated at about 1 in 300,000 injections.

PIT is used to treat many conditions such as Chronic pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles TendonitisAnkle Sprains, Morton’s Neuromas, Neuropathy, Restless Leg Syndrome, Soft Tissue Injuries, Tendon tears, and many more!

Video Testimonials:

Don – Achilles Tendonitis

Don suffered from Achilles tendonitis for the past several years. He is now pain free!

Judy – Cuboid syndrome with peripheral nerve entrapment

Eugenie – Chronic Pain with Hip and Knee

Dr. Chaudhry learned about this treatment through a colleague in the States. Dr. Chaudhry felt like he had to learn more about it for his patients. He went to course with the Doctor whom created this treatment. Here is a blog of Dr. Chaudhrys journey through the course.  Dr. Chaudhry learning about PIT

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